Welcome to the last step of the custom puppet process! Here is when you have the opportunity to see Landon's progress on your character. He will keep you updated on tricks he's included in your character as well as show you concepts mentioned in the consultation  that are now tangible and implicated into your puppet character. The following are some examples of the renderings Landon has drawn next to the final custom puppet character.

Below is "Jumbo The Elephant" from rendering artworks to the final puppet character result.  

Below is "Ronald" from the rendering artwork to the final puppet character result.  A key aspect Landon wanted to incorporate into the puppet was the comical hair as well as the happy demeanor the character was drawn with.  

Below is the initial design artwork for Stew the Sheep. The client wanted him to look goofy, dumb, and lovable. The head of the final character was rounded versus the oval sketch approach to make the character appear smaller and cuter. This Stew the Sheep character also has a spitting effect built into it's mouth.

Below is the initial design for Speedy the Dog. When creating the design, Landon takes multiple aspects of the character into consideration. In this character, size and texture were two leading things that were taken into account. This is why Landon collects samples of materials and creates a "character board". A character board shows multiple angles of the puppet and gives ideas for textures of furs and fleeces. 

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