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Welcome to the first step of the custom puppet process.  Understanding key elements of your future character is essential.  You might say that you want an old man or old lady but think about how you will use the puppet. 


Are you planning on a particular venue or audience?  What attributes do you want to convey?  Sad, happy, tired, savvy or just plain funny - we can work with you to build the expression and suggest other ideas like gags and clothing features.

In order for us to choose if your character sounds like something we can create, please email us at with the following filled out.

Puppet  Type: What will this puppet be used for? Examples include display art piece, ventriloquism, stage puppetry, tv, etc.

Character Concept: Who are they? Explain the character's physical appearance as well as any  specific features that stand out. Share any ideas you have or pieces of inspiration with Landon.


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