Shirley E. Blume

Welcome to the design process. After filling out the puppet character form, on the Consult tab, you'll move onto the design process. This process relies heavily on information gathered in the consult section. Once an idea has been established, Landon will create renderings of the puppet character in which he will send to you for your approval/tweaking. Once the picture has been approved, Landon will purchase the materials needed to create the character. 

This is the initial design of an old man character named "Shirley E Blume". You can see Landon does a sketch off to the side of the mouth open to show how much expression you can get from just opening the mouth. 

All elements are taken into account in the design process, including the costuming. We wanted him to look like a War Veteran that's past his prime but will surely tell you stories about it! 

Harry and Dick Dickerson