Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take you to build my character?

It usually takes us 3-4 months depending on our schedule. Everyone that sends a character email, upon build approval, is put on a list. You will be notified via email when we can discuss your character.


Do I own the rights to my character?

Although all of our puppets are custom made to fit the idea of your character, rights are not included in that puppet's base price. If you are interested in purchasing the rights to your character, please list it in the email you send with other info regarding having your character built. 

Do you make Muppet replicas?

We do not make Muppet replicas and we do not use previous Muppet creations as a reference point either. We pride ourselves on making the best custom characters we can. If you see a Muppet with a defining characteristic, we can incorporate that into a custom character idea, but will not replicate or copy the original Muppet character itself. 

Can I order two puppets at once?

Yes, but building both will add to the wait time and the deadline you have to have the puppets (If you have one) will be based off of their placement on our orders list. So, if you need them soon and you come to us, we might not be able to make them due to other order obligations. If we are able to, then a rush fee may exist. 

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