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 Terry Fator

"Your puppet mouth grips are the easiest to perform of all the    puppets I own!"

-Terry Fator, 2020

 Landon Harvey of The Original Dummy Company has created various characters that are now in the possession of Terry Fator. The videos below includes some of the characters he has had Landon build. 


Terry featured with the Bernie Sanders puppet we created for him.

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Untitled design (19).png

Fabricated    in Foam

Custom Patterned head for "Bernie" was created using a combination of three types of foam!

Terry Fator & Jimmy Buffett (Bernie Sanders) perform a tribute.

Terry Fator spur of the moment performance. While on vacation, Terry Fator uses "Ralph Mouse" to entertain his fellow tour group members. 


   Here is Terry Fator with Rita Moreno and the Rita Moreno puppet we built for him to perform with at a gala that was in her honor.


   The puppet was based off of her appearance in the film West Side Story.

Grey Rat.jpg

Ralph Mouse, as seen in the video to the left of this photo. 

Dan Sachoff

Landon Harvey created Stu The Sheep for comedian, actor, and ventriloquist Dan Sachoff. In the video, Dan discusses the quality of the character and does some dialogue to display Stu's attitude. 

Original Sketch from  the Consultation Call

Untitled design (19).png

Initial Concept Art

Fabricated    in Foam

Final Character


Click this button to see more of Dan Sachoff and Stu The Sheep on Instagram!

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John Pizzi

The Alien

An alien character we created that had lowering/raising eyebrows and a belly that lights up with different colors to evoke different emotions!


John Pizzi, ready for a covid show, along with his alien character...who's not so happy!

FB_IMG_1573605777114 (2).jpg

John Pizzi as seen on America's Got Talent Season 7. Pictured at a Jewish show while using Rabbi.

Testimonial - John Pizzi

Dennis Lee


Dennis Lee of Dennis Lee Productions discusses the new version of Baby Mickee also known as "Nana Puddin" that Landon Harvey of The Original Dummy Co. had built for his show. The style and design was inspired by Dennis' previous version of the puppet that was built by Verna Finley in the year 2000. 

Original Puppet

Fabricated    in Foam

New Puppet...

Final Character

Untitled design (26).png
Untitled design (25).png

Dan Horn

"Can’t believe how close you’ve come to copying his looks...and improving them at the same time!"

                                                                              -Dan Horn, 2020

Original Puppet

Untitled design (27).png

Final Character


Meet "Miles" the sad little doggie.

Joe Gandelman

Gandelman Troll-TOD.jpg

"With each puppet so superb in design, garnering audience immediate reaction, and functionality Landon tops his previous puppet, creating an immediate audience reaction when the character hits the stage! In my 29 years of doing ventriloquism full-time his puppets are my favorites and inspire me to joyously practice and rehearse more!



Landon Harvey is taking soft-puppet sculpture/art to a new level with puppets utterly superb in design, getting instance audience reaction, and functionality. He is quickly redefining soft-puppet making in the 21st century with puppets that don't just look and FEEL good but also offer the surprise of delightful special effects."

-Joe Gandelman, 2017

Collage 2019-08-31 23_34_45_2.jpg

Joe Gandelman with Arlen Arlington, the world's oldest man, and his father, Ted Arlington (the zombie).

Joe Gandelman with Joel the Troll, featuring his blue wig he wears to his day job as a Twitter Troll. 


Bob Rumba

"Each character that I had Landon build feels like it was made for me. The more you use it the more it fits your hand. I used the dog on a Zoom show, with two jokes and they wanted me to bring him on the next week-I've never had anything like that!

My dog, Lil' Speedy is made in a way that animates himself with no extra effort, and looks as if he's alive even when he's sitting still!


Landon can make a puppet that works for you because he, himself, is a ventriloquist and knows what you need!"

   -Bob Rumba, 2020


Initial Concept Art

Final Character

Untitled design (33).png

Vince the Mangler   Creation

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